Club Details

NICSAC Club Committee 2018/2019

Chairperson –                                     Anne McNally
Deputy Chairperson –                       Philip Carson
Secretary –                                          Michael Williamson:
Treasurer –                                         Brenda Cunning
Events Officer –                                  Mags Mathieson –
Communications Officer –               Stephen Lemon :
Additional Committee Members – Tony Scullion and Heidi Rodgers
Club Representative –                      Vacant


The Northern Ireland Civil Service Athletics club is a closed club and membership is open only to:-

a. civil/public servants and former or retired civil/public servants who are also members of the NICSSA Sport & Leisure. Such members will be known as Full Members; and

b. the spouse, partner, family member or friend of a Full member who is also a Junior, Student, Joint or Joint Senior member of NICSSA and is sponsored by a Full member. Such members will be known as Associate members. In the case of Joint and Joint Senior categories the Associate member will partner their sponsoring Full member for Joint NICSSA membership.

Honorary Life membership can be granted to individuals who have given exemplary service to the club.

NICSAC membership form November 2018 (MS Word 2003 format)

NICSAC membership form November 2018(PDF format)

NICSAC Constitution

NICSAC Privacy Statement – November 2018