New Horizons


For many, who complete the Couch to 5k programme, the biggest challenge will be what do you do next and how do you keep your conditioning that the programme has given you?

New Horizons is a concept to get you to move from a C-2-5k fixed programme of ten weeks to making running a weekly part of your lives.

The objective of New Horizons is:

To get graduates running ‘free’ and to move from parkrun to road running.

Using a 5k event as an introduction to road running and building to 40+ minute runs incrementally with the intention to target a 10k in the future.



Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.

Runners should meet at the same place outside the Pavilion and start at 12.30 to be back by about 1pm.


Option 1 – Initially 20-25 minutes very slow (1 lap)

Option 2 – Initially 30-35 (two laps) minutes not so slow.

Both runs will follow the ‘laps’ in the grounds of which there are two standard ones. That is the lap this side (pavilion side) of the Main Gate and the lap on the far side of the Main Gate.

City Centre


Monday lunchtimes. (there may be options to run on other days as well)

Runners should meet at the gasworks bridge and start at 12.30 to be back by about 1pm.


Ormeau embankment and Ormeau Park area.

For further information about new horizons contact –